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Tustin NJB -- Boys Division 1, Team 9
About Us


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We are Team 9 of the Tustin Boys Division 1 (7th & 8th Grades) chapter of the National Junior Basketball Orange County/Metro League.
We will compete against other Tustin Division 3 teams during the regular season and then against other Orange County/Metro Division 1 teams in the post-season Tournament of Champions.

Our Mission

First and foremost, we will compete to have fun.  Along the way we will learn the fundamentals of good offense and defense and will develop the necessary skills, motivation, and teamwork to play competitively at all levels.
Our mission is not so much to win ball games (though winning is a bonus!) but to simply give 110% of ourselves (players, coaches, and parents) throughout the season so we can know we gave it our all and raise or heads high no matter the outcome.

Individual & Team Goals

We will set individual goals for each player based on his abilities and areas where he can improve (i.e. dribbling, shooting, tentativeness, etc.).
We will also set team goals throughout the season to help motivate achievement and strengthen team unity.