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Scott W. Phillips
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I believe I can best be characterized as a cautious optimist with a healthy balance of confidence and paranoia.  I am results-oriented, market-focused, and customer-driven.  I work best with clearly defined goals/objectives and minimal supervision.  I enjoy people and working as part of a team.  I like to win and need little more reward than that of a job well done.

Ideal Job

A senior marketing executive within the PC, consumer goods/services, tourism/recreation, or entertainment industries overseeing an international products/services line focused at enriching consumers' lives through the development and/or implementation of entertanment mediums (TV/Film, music, gaming, digital content)


- Married with children
- Southern Calif native

Hobbies / Interests

- Head Coach, National Junior Basketball (NJB)

- Board of Directors, Tustin Ranch Salvation Army, PraiseWorks Ministry

- Speak some Spanish and Japanese

- Enjoy traveling, sports, reading, movies, continuing education, and meeting people

- Favorite sports include:  basketball, volleyball, surfing, golf, football, and mountain biking

- Very interested in the entire creative process, especially as it relates to film and other digital media

Professional Attributes

- Motivated self-starter that works well with minimal supervision

- Able to easily develop relationships and cross-functional/matrixed teams

- Creative problem-solver and decisive decision-maker

- Able to easily and effectively communicate to all levels of management

- Strong technical aptitude with ability to quickly grasp, embrace, and evangelize core product attributes and customer/market value

- Ability to identify, develop, and capitalize on business/market opportunities

- Skilled negotiator

- Able to meet deadlines and objectives in fast-paced environments with changing priorities

Personal Attributes

- Optimistic yet realistic (hope for the best but plan for the worst)
- Loyal
- Make friends and acquaintances easily
- Determined to succeed yet open to others' points-of-view
- Borderline perfectionist yet able to let go in face of other priorities
- Always looking to improve myself and open to constructive criticism