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Scott W. Phillips

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Listed here are my key accomplishments, categorized by results achieved....

Revenue Growth

-- Helped build a global consumer PC business taking it from $0 to $180M annually in less than three years
-- Tripled customer base and doubled unit volume, growing revenue by 150% in just 18 months
-- Captured an incremental $12M worth of business from a leading competitor
-- Grew revenue 1200% (annualized) and secured #2 market position by refocused product development and sales efforts on top revenue opportunities

Market Expansion / Share Gains

-- Achieved 100% share of target accounts contributing to 80% overall product line market share
-- Launched first-ever push into European markets resulting in an incremental $10M over 12 months

-- Increased notebook sales by 35% and market share from #7 to #5 worldwide

-- Forged 4 incremental product categories, increasing divisional revenue by 10%
-- Developed market segmentation plans that initiated push into additional market segments accountable for 30%+ total revenue


-- Forged new product/service lines that contributed 7%+ incremental gross margin to the top-line

-- Increased margin and profitabiltity by refocusing product development and sales away from high acquisition cost and lower profit per transaction opportunities to lower cost and higher margin opportunities

-- Graceful exit of poor performing product segments and relaunch of profitable product segments

Cost Reductions

-- Consolidation of market research contracts to focus on core product lines
-- Use of free and reduced cost marketing services as well as favorably negotiated subcontractor/vendor contracts
-- Use of co-marketing and joint promotions to defray marketing costs
-- Streamline product development and go-to-market campaigns by redefining roles/responsibilities and project tracking to schedule and budget
-- Use of Internet and other "push" technologies to lower customer acquisition costs and improve customer relationship management

Brand Awareness / Demand Generation

-- Successful print/radio/web/product placement adv. campaigns resulting in double-digit sales gains
-- Developed successful retail OEM branding campaign including logo, collateral, and usage guidelines
-- Developed first co-op and market development program
-- Developed comprehensive marketing strategy, which helped to secure a seven-digit marketing budget

* Specific examples available upon request