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Fictional product:  Handheld Communication and Entertainment Device

Product Name:  PocketCom
Product Description:  The PocketCom is a palm-sized personal communication and entertainment device with total wireless access to allow for: cellular communications, Internet access, and file transfer or wireless headset usage.  Key features/benefits include:
-- Compact, lightweight design to fit in pockets or purses
-- High-resolution OLED screen that is adjustable from 2.5" to 3.5" for rich user experience
-- VoIP capability when in range of a wireless LAN hotspot to reduce cellular phone costs
-- 12-hour battery life to allow for a full day's work or play
-- 8GB of storage for important files, photos, MP3s, and downloaded games/applications
The PocketCom will be available in entry, midrange, and high-end models and priced attractively to appeal to busy executives, road warriors, students, and other people on-the-go.

Marketing Budget:  $5M

Phase 1:  Market research and demographic analysis
Objective:  Determine key selling features that resonate with target customers in order to develop messaging for branding, PR, and advertising campaigns
Methodology:  Focus groups comprised of target customers:
-- Executives, sales people, and road warriors
-- Students: high school through college
-- Active, stay-at-home parents:  "soccer moms", active in school and community

Phase 2:  Creative
Objective:  Develop key messaging and content for:
-- Advertising: print, radio, TV, online
-- PR
-- Collateral:  brochures, retail POP
Methodology:  Combination of in-house copywriting and contracted agency services

Phase 3:  Media buying
Objective:  Determine which media to use and where to place in order to reach desired targets:
Methodology:  combination of print, radio, outdoor, and online media (samples below):
-- National print:  USA Today/WSJ (Execs and road warriors)
-- Major Metro print:  top 12 statistical metro areas (Execs, parents)
-- In-flight magazines (execs, road warriors)
-- Top enthusiast pubs for each demographic (i.e Car & Driver, Golf Digest, etc.)
-- 20-30 second spots on nationally sysndicated and major metro talk radio shows, placed during morning and evening drive-time commutes
-- Top easy-listening stations in major metros
-- Top hip-hop and R&B stations in major metros
-- Top alternative rock stations in major metros
-- Billboards along major arteries in/out of major metro areas
-- 15-20 second advertising spots or short-film fomat during movie trailers at major theatrical screening
-- Search optimization:  Google, AskJeeves, Alta Vista, Dogpile, etc.
-- Banner ads:  AOL, MSN, Yahoo/Overture, Google, eBay, etc.

Phase 4:  Public Relations
Objective:  Create awareness and develop "buzz" within the press and analyst community to promote product write-ups, etc.
Methodology:  Direct contact with major press and electronics industry analysts:
-- Launch kits
-- Select major metro launch events
-- Press release
-- Analyst tour

Phase 5:  Channel/Retail marketing and merchandising
Objective:  High visibility of product within retail stores to make it easy to find for customers looking for product as a result of advertising as well as to increase impulse buying
Methodology:  Combination of retail promotions (i.e. in-store rebates), in-store flyers, end-cap placements, and POP

Phase 6:  Event marketing - events, trade shows, sponsorships, demos, etc.
Objective:  Raise awareness of product/brand and drive traffic to retailers and/or website
Methodology:  Use strong product imaging/branding and hands-on trials at major gatherings, events, etc.
-- Event sponsorships/advertising (concerts, fairs, sporting events, etc.)
-- Trade shows (CES, etc.)
-- Sports marketing (team/individual sponsorships)
-- Hands-on product demos and product giveaways (viral, word-of-mouth)

Phase 7:  Misc marketing and promotion
Objective:  High visibility to promote product/brand recognition
Methodology:  Use influencers and capture eyeballs
-- Testimonials
-- Product placements in TV/film and with influential people
-- Merchandising: consumer packaged goods (sweepstakes, etc.)

* Based on fictional product and budget